Thursday, July 22, 2010

Families, converts/non-Muslims, and hijab/niqab.

So...For those of you ladies who wear hijab/niqab (either as a convert or non-Muslim)... Do your families know? If so, how did you tell them, and how did they initially react? If not, are you planning on telling/showing them?

I don't really know how to break the hijab to my family. Let's not even get started on niqab. I don't think they'd understand. Granted, it would be some time before I'll have to deal with seeing them, but... yeah. The thought of wearing hijab around my family is kinda scary and hard.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interesting article, and question.

Found an interesting article titled "Women in Islam vs. Women in the Judeo-Christian Tradition".

One issue with it: all verses are taken from the Old Testament or the Catholic Bible. Does anyone know of a similar article where the comparative verses are taken from the New Testament and Jesus' teachings?

I think I might look up all the verses used here and see how many are pretty accurate in their interpretation, and how many were taken out of context. You ladies know how often that occurs. One religion wants to look better than the others, so they take more negative verses out of context from the other holy books and then pick the most positive ones from theirs.

It makes studying religion objectively rather difficult to do, but religion is such a deep-seated thing that I doubt anyone could ever actually BE objective in discussing it.