Friday, June 26, 2009

Test run on the "burqini"

I got my new swimsuit in the mail the other day. It's one of the "Burqinis" from an Australian company called Ahiida. It wasn't cheap, but it's great! Someone complemented me on it almost immediately. Here's a photo of the one I bought:

Here's another pic, this time of the sleeve detail on my favorite abaya.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recommended reading.

I've found a very good book called "Daughters of Another Path" by Carol Anway. (You can get it from $0.01 on Amazon) It's about American women who embrace Islam, and their reasons for doing so. I'd recommend it to anyone who has recently converted, or is considering converting, and think/know that their families will have trouble with it. Very eye-opening.

One of my favorite websites to buy hijab and niqab on is I especially love the two-piece 100% cotton al-Amira hijabs. They're very soft and comfy, and you can mix and match them. They wash well in the machine, too, although I wouldn't recommend tossing them in the dryer, unless you want them to shrink! They often a few niqabs, but not many. They only have 3 types of abayas, and I think they're kinda expensive. I stick to eBay for purchasing abayas.

New around here!

I just created this account. I hope to have a chance to chat with other hijabis and niqabis, be they non-Muslim (like me) or Muslim.

I love wearing hijab and niqab! It's so comfortable. It's harder to find hijab-compliant clothes this time of year... It's hard in winter, too, since most jackets and long-sleeve tops seem to be sooo tight and/or (especially in the case of long-sleeve shirts) made of fabric that is see-through.