Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recommended reading.

I've found a very good book called "Daughters of Another Path" by Carol Anway. (You can get it from $0.01 on Amazon) It's about American women who embrace Islam, and their reasons for doing so. I'd recommend it to anyone who has recently converted, or is considering converting, and think/know that their families will have trouble with it. Very eye-opening.

One of my favorite websites to buy hijab and niqab on is I especially love the two-piece 100% cotton al-Amira hijabs. They're very soft and comfy, and you can mix and match them. They wash well in the machine, too, although I wouldn't recommend tossing them in the dryer, unless you want them to shrink! They often a few niqabs, but not many. They only have 3 types of abayas, and I think they're kinda expensive. I stick to eBay for purchasing abayas.


  1. Heather,


    I like HijabGirl too, but I'm not a fan of the al-Amira in general. It doesn't give me coverage, if I want to wear it I have to wear a high-colared shirt which I find uncomfortable. It does go well under larger scarves though. But that's a personal preference. :)

  2. Normally they wouldn't work so well for me, either. Since I wear abaya, I don't generally have any problems.

  3. What a welcoming style of niqab you have! I love it! :)

  4. Thank you, Candice! Today I'm wearing all black, but I usually try to wear bright, colorful things. I think they're more "approachable" than the "scary" black ones (although I do find black to be very elegant and pleasingly mysterious!). Do you wear hijab or niqab?