Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Have you made your resolutions? I did. I resolved to learn how to ride the Christmas present I bought myself:

It's a Trikke. Cool, huh? I've already hopped on the TrikkeTalk chat room and gotten all sorts of helpful advice from the experienced riders there. : )

I also resolved to never again date a man who wants me to take off my hijab, who treats me like his property, and complains that I "think too much". *eye roll* In case you can't tell, I've reached the "ticked off" stage in the post-break up cycle. are all of you? Sorry I haven't been around much. No computer at my house yet, but I hope to change that in the next few months.


  1. Aside from the usual goal of better time management, I have also decided that I am learning to knit socks. I can make hats and scarves, so it shouldn't take too long.

  2. That looks like a fun toy :)

  3. Stacy: I can't knit, but I can crochet. A friend taught me a few years ago, but I'm not very good at it. ^_^

    LK: It is! It does have a learning curve, like a bicycle, which can be really annoying. : )

  4. How fun and they have chat rooms for learning how to ride that thing? Cool!!

    I am so glad you broke up with that guy. It sounds like he was a real loser for wanting you to give up who you are. You deserve so much better.

    Glad to see you back! Missed you!

  5. Ummm...what is the point of that contraption? *does Spock eyebrow at it*

    It sounds like it's a good thing that you broke up with that guy. Anyone who demands you change yourself is never going to be happy with you, and they'll make you miserable along the way.