Friday, January 14, 2011

Swimsuit sale at HijabGirl.

Just a quick stop in to say hello and tell you ladies about the swimsuit sale at HijabGirl. (I get their e-mail fliers.) All of their swimsuits are 50% off right now. Granted, they're already cheaper than Ahiida (although I love my Burquini), but now they're much cheaper! If you've been wanting one but found them too expensive in the past...Now's your chance to get one for the summer. : )

That's my promo blurb for the night.

All is well. It snowed last night, so the mountains are absolutely gorgeous. I really want to get some photos, but it was too hazy most of the day. Maybe tomorrow it'll be clear. : )



  1. Hah! Not that I want one but I went to look anyway and they're still $50 at least. Maybe I'm spoiled but that's still way too much to spend on a swimsuit. :)

  2. LOL! Yeah, they aren't cheap cheap, but they're cheap in comparison to my Burqini. I could have gotten 3 of the suits from HijabGirl for less than I paid for one suit from Ahiida. Still, I know people who pay as much or more for a bikini, so I don't feel bad for splurging on something that covers me to the extent that I want and protects my pale, pale skin from the evul sun rays. : )

  3. Wa salams Heather.^_^ I got my swimsuit at SplashGear. Best decision ever. I LOVE that thing.^_^ Every time we've gone over to swim at my Aunt's my Mom and Aunties are like "Seriously, WHERE did you buy that and how much does it cost?*drool*"

  4. Pre-Islam I sometimes paid $80 for a bikini which contains very little material. $50 for an actual full coverage suit is a steal... Anyway, I know this is old and the sale is no longer, just offering my 2 cents about swimwear costs. :)