Sunday, December 11, 2011

The TBR Double Dare Challenge

Can you do it? I'm taking the dare to reading only the books in my TBR pile from 1 January until 1 April. I have literally hundreds of books waiting their turn to be read.

See here for more details:


  1. I kind of did this last year when I decided I HAD to read all my books here at home before checking out more from the library. I'd love to read some reviews of your books if you have any you feel are worth writing about. :)

  2. *laughs* Ah...I know I can't do this. In spite of being able to match your literally hundreds of books tbr. I'll settle for being able to finish all my Stephen King novels in that time period.

  3. I'd definitely have to change the rules a bit, as I borrow most of my books from the library, I do however have hundreds and hundreds of books on my tbr list, which I usually use when borrowing books from the library.