Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Show me the proof!

If someone is going to say things to me like "You won't enter jannah unless you love the prophet more than you love yourself", you'd better back it up with Qur'anic proof. If you can't find that proof, then perhaps you'd better re-evaluate the stuff you're parroting that you've heard from other people.

Believe what you want. I support that completely. But I will not accept the hadith as proof of an assertion in lieu of evidence from the Qur'an.

3:78 "And from among them is a group who twist their tongues with the Book so that you may think it is from the Book, while it is not from the Book, and they say it is from God while it is not from God, and they say about God lies while they know."

So bring it.


  1. My husband believes he needs to love he prophet more than anyone and has given me the order a couple times too... I can't exactly remember it but I think the parents are second and then the wife and then the children- something like that. I found it just completely ridiculous overall but when it comes to Islam, it is clear in the Quran that we must not make distinctions eking the prophets for one thing. And the biggest sin is association. That would make be very afraid if I were following hadiths over the Quran... But of course they are following hadiths so they have not noticed these things...

  2. From the peanut gallery here but I have a very hard time imagining Mohammed telling someone that they have to love him more than their family in order to go to heaven.

    I imagine that he might have told people that they must love God or God's message more than their own family, certainly. Didn't Jesus do the same? But it's in the context of a family or perhaps a culture that is against God, not, I think.

    As for loving Mohammed more than one loves oneself, again, I can't see him saying that. I can see him saying that you have to love God more than you love yourself, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that you have to love God more than you love the things that try to draw you away from God no matter where those things come from, from loved ones or from yourself.

    Okay, cutting myself off before I voice the rant about the message vs. the messenger and which one is more important...

  3. Candice: : ( That's tough, isn't it? Being the only one in your family to say "Hey, this is messed up. Have you even really thought about this?"

    Amber: I know! I can't see him ever saying that, either. I think it was the remnants of the polytheistic religion making its way into Islam -- it's not enough to love Allah, you must love Muhammad and his favorite wife Aisha more than your family or yourself or anything on Earth if you want to get into paradise. That bugs me, because people who say that aren't reading the Qur'an and thinking about what it says. The Qur'an tells us we are to worship Allah alone, we are not to set up partners with Him.

    I'm with you on the rant -- You follow the messenger by following the message, Duh! It seems like so many people use the hadith as a cop-out to exercising their free will and making their own choices, good or bad.

    1. It just absolutely doesn't mesh with anything that I've ever heard about him so it makes no sense at all. But I think it's a very human thing to want to elevate the person who came to you from God above everyone else and it's far easier to relate to a person than to God or to a set for rules. So it's understandable where it came from but it's also out of character.

      Sometimes I think people forget that the messenger is nothing without the message. Should they be respected? Of course. They were chosen by God to be vehicles for His discourse with humanity so there is something special about them but a part of that is that I guarantee you if you had asked them, each and every one would have told you that they weren't important. That is was God and what He was revealing through them that was important and if they died, God would find someone else to fulfill His purpose.

  4. The Qur'an addresses people regarding the nature of Muhammad, his mission, and his limitations. In light of this, I don't understand why people continue to elevate him above all other prophets. : /

    Say: "I am no different from the other messengers, nor do I know what will happen to me or to you. I only follow what is inspired to me. I am no more than a clear warner."

  5. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatula!
    i hope you are well sis :) I stumbled upon your blog mashaa'Allah I had read that you were covering before you were a non-Muslim wowowow!!!Subhana'Allah thats amazing!
    anywhow, I totally agree with you , I mean I have heard this " You won't enter jannah unless you love the prophet more than yourself" but I have heard it coming from modern day sheikhs from their lectures..that's why we really have to becareful who we listen to these days because they may say some things without even realising what they said was just bida'ah and not tawhid. Loving Allah first and foremost is tawhid and also I think a lot of people who get it twisted by just following either Qu'ran or just Ahadith. It mentions in the Qur'an that we must establish prayer but does it mention HOW to pray in the Qur'an? no, therefore we must turn to Hadith for that. Qur'an and Sunnah go hand in hand and those who reject one and follow the other vise versa, is deemed a disbeliever because Allah clearly states that a believer is one who follows the Qur'an AND the teachings of the prophet (pbuh) !!!
    anyhow, i am now starting to ramble! lol i hope what I said makes sense and May Allah forgive me if I have sad something out of context or offended you all in any way!!
    Jazakilah Kheyr and please visit my bloggie !!!