Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cute new goodies!

I got new goodies! I went to Ross and got 5 pairs of jeans and a cute long black/white patterned tunic, and also found Hello Kitty bubble bath and a pink fleece Hello Kitty jacket. I got a cute Hello Kitty bracelet at an accessories store, too. And I got 4 pairs of shoes (yay, BOGO!) at Payless.

And I got all those half niqab that I ordered! Some are longer, but they're all great. I found that if I loop the back of the elastic around my bun, high on the back of my head, it holds very well.

*so excited* I'm going back to The Sunnah The Better (the Islamic store here) tomorrow to check out their new merchandise.


  1. Cool beans! Do we get to see pics? Today a friend's son brought me groceries and saw me in hijab for the first time - and he thought it looked really nice! But I told him not to tell anyone - that people should find out from me personally and not second-hand that I have put it on... While I think of it, do you have anybody in your circle at home who is in on the secret?

  2. That's so nice that you have an Islamic clothing store close to you. I just found a Somali halal store here that sells a limited selection of clothes and scarves. Its ok, I'll just get some every time we go back to MN.

  3. Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmathullah wa barakatuhu
    Alway fun reading about how people go shopping in other countries. Here I just get someone to take me to the souk and there's EVERYTHING within one space. Like your malls but smaller areas, more noisy and very crowded.
    Jummah mubarak !

  4. very very interesting blog. I will be reading this blog with daily curiousity.

  5. Hi, Had one of my best friends over tonight, I know here from church here in Poland. Broke my fast with her, and while we were at it, I consulted with her to try and figure out what would happen if I showed up at church in hijab. Unfortunately, it seems it would quickly become a prime topic of conversation, which I don't really care about except for one thing: a certain special man whom I shall call M is away on vacation, and I don't want him finding out about it from a third party before I've had a chance to talk to him. So I guess I'll have to just stay away for those couple of weeks, and then make that appointment to explain to him in person everything that has happened since I *didn't* marry that Egyptian e-friend back in 2002. At least that part he already knows about. Which will make it that much easier God willing...

  6. *raises eyebrow* You've got a Hello Kitty thing going on, huh?

    I never noticed it before, but we've got a Hello Kitty store in our mall next to the movie theater. I just noticed it yesterday. :)