Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi, all! I found really cheap half niqab and gloves on Al-Hannah (www.alhannah.com, for those of you who don't know). $3.00 for niqab and $4.00 for gloves? That's good stuff! : ) HijabGirl got some new stuff in, too, including a couple of niqabs.

I'm feeling really stressed out --- I haven't been paid in a month. Thank goodness I had savings! I'm trying to get the issue resolved, but anything that can go wrong, will. It's the law of anything involving the government: SNAFU - Situation Normal: All F****d Up. : P

I haven't been feeling so great for the last three days. Been really tired and stressed, and any and every physical problem (courtesy of the Army) that could flare up, has. *sigh* I've been staying up too late and trying to get my apartment cleaned up --- my cats knocked over Every Possible Thing (excluding the furniture) that they could while I was gone. I think they were protesting. My friend who was feeding them told me that she walked in and checked to make sure that my TV was still there -- they made such a mess that, at first, she thought I'd been robbed! That's bad! ; P LOL

I got a cool old chair from a friend who has a thrift store, so I'm going to the fabric store to get some leopard print fabric to reupholster it. It'll look awesome after that.

I got a HUGE long shayla-style scarf from Old Navy, on clearance. It's black and grey pinstripe with a shiny silver border. Makes a very pretty hijab/niqab!


  1. It always worries me how many forced vaccinations the army gives too. I think they gave my husband the Hep B series 4 times in the last 2 yrs.

  2. I know! I remember getting something like 10 or 12 shots when I was inprocessing at Basic. It was crazy!

    My problems are more in the joints (knees, hips, shoulders, right elbow and hand). I wasn't even in a tactical unit, but I'm all beat up! I shudder to think what it would've been like if I had been in a deployable unit.