Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is coming...

Hi, everyone! I hope you're doing well. I've been busy and generally unable to get on the computer for a while. My own computer seems to have gotten a virus or suffered a meltdown...or something. So, hopefully that will mean either a repair or new computer in the future.

What have all of you been up to? I've been working and sleeping..and working and sleeping... ; P My house is a wreck, but cleaning it isn't much of a priority right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll do that.

I went to a great book sale yesterday and spent waaaaaay too much money, but got a ton of awesome books.

And even kitties get allergies! Did you ladies know this? Three of my four cats have allergies and are itchy and over-grooming, and have balding patches in their coats. Thankfully, the boys have an appointment with the vet next week and will be taken care of then.


  1. Welcome back! I was thinking of you the other day wondering what became of you. Hope to see you around here more. :)

  2. Aw poor kitties. My dog had allergies too we had to give her benedryl.

    You've been missed. Home you come back soon.

  3. A friend of mine tells me that her dog is allergic to humans - just like some people are allergic to various animals!

  4. HI!

    i was searching online and came across this blog, which is really nice but i was kinda confused why you would wear a Niqab if you're not Muslim( especially in Texas!!!).

    Do you do it for fun or is health related? and how do people perceive you when your donning the Muslim garb. What are your personal views of the attire?

    Being Muslim in today's world is like being black when the klu klux clan were active. Being both myself i get double the trouble.

    i can't fathom why you would go that far if it isn't health related and when you are not Muslim( not that i am against it)

    if your simply doing it for fun, or you like the level of modesty .......More power to ya!

    I'm from England and like you i wear a niqab, it is kinda hard being Muslim and specially wearing the niqab. people don't stop staring despite that i can see them! they not know that my eyes are not covered.

    Wearing a Niqab in a society where you're treated weird, OTT, crazy and an Extremist is really difficult and takes a lot of confidence and sometimes Stubbornness.

    anyways it nice to see an open minded person that is willing to try anything despite misconceptions that exist within Muslim women.I've had enough of so-called feminists saying that the Muslim clothing is oppressive to Muslim women and crazy ethnocentric male bloggers quoting "when in Rome do as the Romans do" as a justification.

    lol.....this kinda turned into a rant,years of suppressed frustration i guess from people just cannot accept. What they don't realize is the veil was worn by many women throughout history In Arabia and as far as East Asia.

    keep doing your thing....Who knows maybe one day you may become more interested than just the niqab but the beautiful religion itself.

  5. I am a Christian hijabi. Haven't tried niqab yet, although I admit to being curious. In my case it would be very difficult because being quite as tall as I am means that I will be recognized by anyone I know even if I'm wearing a three-piece niqab with all the screens down, gloves on my hands and an abaya that drags on the ground so no one can see my shoes. Most people can at least be anonymous if they so choose, especially if there are other niqabis out and about...

    But I digress. My point is that so much of successful hijab wearing boils down to behaving as if it is normal. Which presumably it is if you wear it all the time. Obviously that is a good bit harder to pull off if you wear all black with niqab, than if you just carefully cover everything with two layers of clothing that looks 'normal' for your culture, cover your head with a nice shawl (amira underneath of course), or even just pop a nice hat on top of the amira, and then perhaps drape a long, chunky necklace over your hijab and put earrings on through the hijab so you don't show your ears.

    The deal with the jewelry: see, being a Christian, at least the way I read the Bible, I have the additional problem that I'm not supposed to advertise my religious practices publicly, so the clothing should be modest but not 'look religious' - and the best way I've found to do that is make sure it looks pretty enough to have aesthetic value. Some may think that jewelry will turn heads, but for someone who is going to turn heads when she goes out on the street no matter what she does, the only question is for what. And I'd rather turn heads for aesthetic value (without flirtation - I'm talking about zero makeup, zero shaking of booty and a lowered gaze here) than for 'being religious'.

    But anyway, to get back to the matter at hand: I have found that it is much easier to wear hijab if I convey by my behavior that this is a normal mode of dress. For the most part, it is working. I admit to being very tempted now to try to pull off niqab in public and make it look normal. If only to be able to, when I'm finished, comfort others that it can be done...