Monday, April 12, 2010

Not AGAIN...

Great. I have a week, or two at the most, before I'm jobless again. And I find myself in the same situation as last time -- little money saved. Except now I have a house, so I can't just up and move elsewhere. This is SO STRESSFUL. Friends have given me all sorts of good advice about making lemons into lemonade or that maybe God is putting me where he wants me to be... but I honestly can't see anything good in it. Not as a single woman with many obligations. I'm scared and worried and... yeah. Life isn't so good right now.

I started covering again last week...but that was just another thing in a list of complaints they had against me that they hadn't bothered to address with me. Just "oh, gee, we don't like you. And we told the guy in charge. So you're fired, and you can't do anything about it." Worst of all... they're right. It's legal. There's nothing I can do. I can try looking for another job in my company, but... I can't move now, so it's highly unlikely I will be able to stay with the company. I've found a couple of jobs and other stuff I'm going to try and pursue. Right now it feels like the whole universe is stacked against me...

I'm going to go home and cry. And then I'll get up tomorrow and start the job hunt all over again. Any and all prayers/good wishes/whatever would be Highly Appreciated right now.


  1. Many prayers for you. You could try a temp agency. Also Great site.

  2. Again??? Wait, I thought you went to the interview covered, so... how is this legal? They knew what they were getting into. Not that you want to work in that kind of an atmosphere. But still...

  3. Sorry to hear that! I hope you get another job without any difficulty.

  4. Bastards!

    *offers ability to make *really rude* handgestures*

    More helpfully than that (which I acknowledge is not helpful in the least...) I will be praying that you find a new job quickly and that everything works out.

  5. GRAND OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT: I have now started posting on my own blog! I invite you all to drop by and have a look :)