Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Searching again...

My life has done the upheaval bit again. I had a phone interview today, though, and I'm seriously hoping for some good news.

I'm really trying to make a run for my hijab again. The whole incident, in which wearing my hijab -- as a CIVILIAN -- was in violation of the military dress code and therefore part of the total package of "getting fired"-ness, has made me step back from it for a while.

I need to wear it again, though. I need the spiritual mindset that having a physical reminder of my faith gives me, so that I can work harder at stepping up to the plate and trusting more in God and giving Him more of me. It's a constant work in progress, with varying degrees of success.

Prayers for me, and prayers for you. I need the support of my covering Christian sisters right now. You are all wonderful, generous, and a total blessing when society at large comes on a little too strong in their secularism.

And the next job I get, the hijab will be part and parcel, non-negotiable.


  1. Glad to see you're back. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Yes, Military is again covering.
    In my Air Force Cadets I wasn't allowed to wear it or pray...
    Many jobs you'd find it a bit hard to get off wearing it...and because youre christian theyre gonna be more like um wtf...its not in your religion(even though it use to be) so..i think you'd find it a bit harder then a muslim would...unless you get employed by a muslim :)

  3. Aisha: I worked for Chase bank briefly. They had no issues with me wearing it. It was a very nice experience. : )