Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rage Against the Niqab (and other ramblings).

My caption: Hell hath no fury like a niqabi who is told she can't choose to wear her niqab.

All this anti-niqab sentiment... I don't like it. Yes, I can see where some folks might have cause for concern -- but that's where we step in and lovingly educate them. Yes, I am against "forced Niqab" because it totally contradicts what hijab/niqab means to me -- namely, freedom. Having the choice is what makes it so beautiful.

However...given my online persona as a non-Muslim niqabi, I am totally an advocate of wearing what makes you comfortable. For some folks (like most of us), niqab and/or hijab is a level of coverage that is comfortable, in both a physical and spiritual way. My hijab/niqab are things that allow me to place more emphasis on what should be emphasized -- God and my relationship with Him.

If anything, I could use a break from the cheap, clingy fabrics and -- to me -- dubious level of "essentials coverage" that seem to dominate Western clothes. Especially those meant for women my age. But, that's why I like Avenue. It's a plus-size store for women. I got this in two colors:

I pair it with jeans, sandals, and my favorite pink scarf. : ) It's utter cuteness.

Found this little hijabi photo somewhere online. Total props to the artist. Isn't she adorable? The world needs more manga hijabis. ^_^


  1. Hello, Are you really a non-muslim Niqabi? Thats so Fascinating! Masha'Allah!

  2. I have manga hijabis.... RTV moved to respecttheveil.blogspot.com :)

    She is cute. I love the comic book pic...she is the Marvel Universe?

  3. how phenomenal

  4. Sara: Well...I was. It varies for me now, and in the past due to job restrictions.

    LK: I've seen your manga hijabis. They're adorable! Yes, this character is Dust, from the X-Men Academy comics. She's an Afghani refugee. The character is rife with errors (her hijab/niqab/abaya is called a burqa and drawn like a ninja outfit, etc), but she's a positive and interesting one. This is make more impressive by the fact that the character first appeared in the comics within 3 or 4 months of the WTC attacks -- but she wasn't cast as some sort of terrorist. Not perfect, but a definite improvement. : )

  5. I'm so glad that I am not the only non-Muslim fascinated by nigab/hijab

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