Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy, busy...

I'm so busy. There's quite a bit involved in all the moving prep. *sigh* I hate moving. I really do. All my beautiful books go in boxes... It makes me sad, lol!

I hope you're all doing well. I'm taking advantage of the delicious things I won't get to have for a bit -- like cotton candy sno cones. They're an awesome way to beat the heat. And they'll rot your teeth out! ; P

I got a very nice copy of "The Soldier's New Testament" to take with me. It's Army green (what I think of as "pickle suit green" -- the same color as the Army Class A uniform) bonded leather, has the Army seal on the front cover in gold. Very nice, and compact and light enough to fit in a cargo pocket. It also has little extras, like prayers written by Army Chaplains, and some basic info about the Army. : )

Kitten antics continue to keep me laughing. My babies are so funny! I'm enjoying the time left before I have to take them to stay with my friend while I'm gone.

Sure wish I could've gone home, but no time, and no money. Oh, well. : (

How are all of you doing?


  1. Hanging out with kitties. Taking care of bureaucracy. A bit of work. Checking your blog :) So wait - where are you moving your stuff to, since you'll be deploying? I mean, you're not going to take all this stuff with you when you deploy, right?

    I'm curious: Is that New Testament actually an Army publication? It just sounds so.... official with that seal on the front. I admit to being a bit concerned about separation of Church and State here. Not that I mind Christianity, but I don't want someone legislating *their version* of Christianity that I might not agree with...

  2. Glad to read a brief update,Heather. I hope all is going well and you enjoy lots of yummy tooth-rotting snow cones before you leave. :) When do you have to report for duty? Take care!

  3. Caraboska: My stuff will be in storage. I hope it's climate controlled, or else my books will suffer for it... *worry*

    No, it's not an Army publication. That was a bit of a controversy when it came out about four years ago -- however, it's a regular New Testament published by a Christian company, just like you'd get from the Gideons or something. Not affiliated with the government in any capacity, except that the seal and the little extra tidbits (a couple of songs, some prayers, etc) are Army related in some way. The company has gone on to publish Bibles (both complete and just New Testament) in similar format for each of the other branches of service. ^_^ Nope, no tampering.

    Susanne: I am very much loving the sno cones! I have to report much sooner than I would like... Oh, well. The sooner I report, the sooner I can start getting paid again.

  4. Are you going to be able to update us at least a little every so often? We'll miss you if we don't hear from you...

  5. I'll try! I may have some more interesting thoughts/comments/observations/etc in a different locale, with different folks.

  6. Watching this space for further news. May the Lord bless you and keep you!