Friday, June 10, 2011

It won't be long....

Assalamu aleikum, everyone! ^_^ I hope you're all well and that God is blessing each and every one of you in your lives.

I'm getting excited about going home VERY soon. I can't say when... but it's soon. LOL I went shopping yesterday and bought 4 scarves (light pink, bright pink, light purple, and blue), so I'll have some hijabs to wear when I get back. I'll have to go shopping, though.

Ramadan is coming up! Who else is excited?


  1. I'm pretty excited about Ramadan. Might throw an Eid party for my friends and family this time around- as if my family needs an excuse to partake in free food.^_^

    It'll be good to see you when you make it back. Not too much longer now ,eh?^_^ Too bad you can't come out and help me pack before James comes

  2. Oh, I hope you have a safe trip home :).

  3. I hope you make it home quickly and safely! :-)

  4. pick up as many under scarves that you can, in all sorts of colors and shades of colors. You will finds scarves here in the US if you look hard, but it is near to impossible to find under scarves for a reasonable price without reaching out to some odd-ball website. Seriously! Next time I go to Iraq, I am only buying under scarves.

  5. oh i love scarves too...

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