Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...

Assalamu aleikum, everyone!

I'm in the process of getting ready to go home right now. With any luck, God willing, I will be in the US again in a few days. My family is excited about it, and so am I. My cats are thrilled too, of course. : P

Just finished doing laundry so I have clean clothes for tomorrow. Still mildly annoyed at the person who took 2 of my tan t-shirts from my laundry, reducing me to 4 t-shirts.

I've read the first 7 books of the Southern Vampire mysteries by Charlaine Harris this week. I can't get myself to call them the "True Blood" books because, well... the books predated the show by many years. And I can't call them the "Sookie Stackhouse" books because, sorry, but I think her name is ridiculous. Yes, I know that Southerners, particularly rural ones, come up with some odd names, but I can't read that without thinking "WEIRD!!!!" every time. At least the character isn't hopping in the sack with every gorgeous man in the world madly in love with her for no good reason and developing a new power every book. Plot, you are refreshing indeed. : )

And I'm packing and filling out inventory sheets for each duffle bag. It's a lot of work, but if anything ends up missing out of all this over-priced stuff (95% of which I never even used), I won't have to pay for it. :D

And life goes on....


  1. Hope you have a safe trip home! Happy inventorying! :D

  2. *laughs* The Southern Vampire series is like potato chips! Light and fun to read. :) I drive people who've only watched True Blood nuts because I keep saying, 'She belongs with Eric. Why? Bill is a douche. No, really. Giant, flaming douche.' And then I refuse to explain. :D

    Wow. Packing sounds like so much fun. *returns to lounging around the house*

    Have a safe trip home!

  3. Susanne: LOL! Yeah, I'm having a ton of fun!

    Amber: ROFL! I know! Not really a fan of Bill. You're right about him. I really liked Quinn. Prior to him showing up, Bubba was my favorite character -- total genius on CH's part to come up with that. I'm starting to like Eric. Even if he is a cocky jerk half the time.

  4. I actually liked Eric from the beginning, but I'm weird that way. Until we had the giant reveal of Bill Is An Ass, though, I did like Bill, just not as much as Eric. After that? There is not enough that can be done to make me not hate Bill.

    Really? Just *starting* to like Eric? I was totally sold on the Eric/Sookie 4 EVA pairing way back in book 4. I also have to admit to harboring a tiny Sam/Sookie cheerleader.

    I liked Quinn too, and I kind of wish (though like I said, Eric/Sookie baby!) that he and Sookie could have made a better go at it. Much better than Alcide.

    Bubba is genius, even though the thing with the cats kind of makes me go 'er...no...' every single time. But the idea is brilliant!