Monday, November 7, 2011

Another survey quizzy thingy.

Books I've read recently...

1. The Qur'an (English translation, of course)




Songs or albums I listen to all the time...

1. "Secret Codes and Battleships" Darren Hayes

2. "Vices and Virtues" Panic! At The Disco

3. "Thank You, Allah" Maher Zain

4. "The Remedy" Native Deen

5. "Not Afraid To Stand Alone" Native Deen

6. Anything by Josh Groban :)

7. Anything by Selena

8. Anything by David Bowie

I love...


2. my family

3. my cats!

4. my friends

5. Books!

6. food of most types -- leave out the fish/seafood, please.

7. a good night's sleep : )

Things I've learned this year...

1. More patience, lol.

2. How to readjust to life in the US post-deployment.

3. How wonderful my family and friends are.

4. Allah is always there for me!

5. That I eat too much bad food. :/

6. And it makes me gain weight. :((((

7. That I am a good person, despite my flaws, and I'd want to be friends with me!

New recipes I want to try and make...

Vegan neatballs with spaghetti

Vegetarian "chik'n" shawarma

Pizza crust that isn't all soggy and yuck (from scratch)

Favorite online hangouts...

1. Blogs

2. Facebook

3. Amazon

4. Yahoo

5. eBay

Projects I need to work on...

1. cleaning house

2. working more :/

3. organize my books

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  1. Wasn't sure how else to communicate with you, but I wanted to say thank you for your service! Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and sometimes, I feel that we go unrecognized for various reasons (female, Muslim, quiet,...) Anyways, I hope that you have a wonderful day of reflection on all that you have done for everyone who doesn't understand what you did! : )

    A fellow Muslims Veteran.