Friday, September 14, 2012

Stop the Defense.

"Lately people sayin', stuff about my Prophet
They see our numbers rising, so they make him a target
Agitate the Muslims, get money in their pocket
We just work to spread the truth and make sure people got it

Like how he treated neighbors with all the love and care
Examples that he gave us, to be honest and fair
How to be forgiving, respecting every faith
Giving rights to the women, at war how to behave

The women and the children and every innocent
Should be protected no matter how oppressed we get
So we know they’re saying stuff about the Prophet that ain’t true
They did that at the prophets time so this ain’t nothing new

Did he worry what the people said after he passed
Or was he more concerned about us doing what he asked
Do our deeds tell the story of the man he was
A Mercy to Mankind, lets show the world his love

- Native Deen, "Mercy to Mankind"

Just stop. All of you, all of the Muslims in Libya, in Sudan, and anywhere else who are reacting in a violent and barbaric manner to the anti-Islam film "Innocence of Muslims".


And think.

All the prophets have faced slander and defamation of character, both in their lifetimes and in the many years since.

Did that hinder their mission: to deliver the message?


But your behavior sets us all back. Anti-Muslim sentiment in the US is at an all-time high. I suspect the same is true in many other countries around the world.

And you're doing nothing but confirming the stereotypes: that Muslims are violent and barbaric people who think nothing of stoning innocent people to death but will rise up in violence if a single word is said against Muhammad.

This is a test for us. And you are failing the test. Instead of forgiveness, you result to violence. Instead of love, you embody hatred. I'm sure that, if Muhammad were here, if any and all of the prophets were here, they would be sorely distressed at you allowing slander to be an excuse for murder and brutality.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, as Ghandi says. Hate for hate leaves the whole world loveless.

Don't be a part of the problem. Be the solution.

Forgive. Forgive and show love, not hate. Don't be the stereotype of a Muslim - be the reality, so that when someone says "all Muslims are violent and backwards", your friends, family, and all who know you will say "No, they aren't. Here is the truth."

Show the world the mercy and love shown by all the prophets. Don't fight and kill because of an insult. As the best of people at their times, the prophets don't need us to defend them. Allah is their protector. We do, however, need to defend ourselves -- by behaving in a manner that reflects that of our prophets, who were all good examples for us to follow.

Allah, forgive us all and be patient with us. We still have so far to go.


  1. Ameen!!!!! Thank you for speaking these words of truth! It truly makes me sad that Muslims so often ignore the example of the Prophet (saw) in situations like this.