Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot, hot, hot

It is soooo hot here. Another lovely day of 105 and high humidity. *sigh* I'm really looking forward to cooler weather in a few months. Wearing niqab in this heat is pretty difficult, but I'll keep at it!

I found a couple of great sites today. has a lot of good reading, and a huge section on niqab --- unfortunately some of the most interesting links don't work. I guess I need to send them an e-mail and let them know.

The other is They have a file of patterns so that you can make, among other things, your own niqab and a couple of simple types of abaya. I'm going to print out the niqab one and try making my own.

I was browsing on eBay -- my favorite site for shopping! -- and a seller (unique_hijabs) was offering these one-piece khimar hijab/niqab. The niqab is attached, and you just move it up or down, depending on whether you want the niqab part or just a khimar hijab. The pink ones are cute! The only bad part is that they're polyester... I'd love one in the same soft cotton fabric as the two-piece al-Amira hijab sold on But I can't find cotton fabric like that in any of the fabric stores here.

Which leads me to another topic: what sorts of fabric to use for making niqab (and abaya, for that matter)? I've read that a gauzy fabric is best, but I can't find that, either. Most of the types I find are too thick (especially for summer weather), or they're too sheer. I did find a couple of fabric remnants -- one black lace and the other hot pink polyester -- that I think will make a cute niqab together. I want to make my own abayas, too, but I can't seem to find a good fabric. Most are too thin, or too heavy.

At least hijab will be easier in the winter....


  1. I'm in Austin, and used to wear all-black niqaab. Summers were....difficult. I'm proud of you Heather, those sound like great sites. Another good one-Pixie's I Love Hishma blog. It is great, and she's fixing to wear niqaab permanently.

  2. I have no fabric suggestions, but I love that site. (muhajabah). It's one of the first I stumbled on when I started looking into headcovering. Shame their links've gone down. It was very helpful. Also, I second I Love Hishma. Pixie's very helpful and informative. :)

  3. Lisa:

    Thanks! I'm not too far away from you: San Antonio. Whew, is it ever hot! I'll be sure to check out Pixie's site.