Monday, July 20, 2009

Interesting comparison, and good news!

Look at this photo. What do you see? Two women. One an American soldier, the other (I'm presuming) an Iraqi.
But look at how they're dressed! The uniform of the female soldier covers nearly as much as the hijab and abaya of the Iraqi lady. The soldier's jacket and trousers are loose-fitting, and she's wearing the Kevlar and body armor, which effectively covers her "female attributes". It's almost hijab-like. I pointed that out to a coworker a few weeks back when I saw a cartoon with a female soldier in full battle rattle (helmet, body armor, etc) on one panel, and a Muslim woman wearing hijab, niqab and abaya in the other. I wish I could've found the original cartoon, but I don't even recall what series it was from. Probably some military one like "Pvt. Murphy's Law" (which I's so true!).
Looking at the uniform that can people criticize hijab? There's not much difference!
In other news....I'll be able to wear hijab and niqab full-time in just a few more days! I'm so excited. ^_^
How are all (3) of you doing?


  1. There's actually 4 of us now! What is the factor making you able to wear it full time now?
    It has been really hot here in Portland the last couple days, so we've been sticking around home until close to dark. It would definitely be hard to wear niqab.

  2. Your fame is spreading! :)

    *guh* 90-100 degree weather over here, and humid. *wilts*

    The difference is *religion*. I'm beginning to think, as long as there's a religious reason for anything you do, especially as a woman, there will be people willing to 'save you' from your oppression. Never mind that if you'd just say 'I like the look' they'd shrug and leave you be.

    If you ever locate that cartoon, let us know. :)

    Yes, why can you be full time niqabi now? What's changed? And good, I'm happy for you. :)

  3. I haven't been able to wear it full-time because I'm in the military (have been for four years -- I'm getting out next week), and the uniform is the uniform. I've seen Jewish guys wearing the little cap that they wear (what is that called again? Anybody know?), but the caveat to that is that any headgear of a religious nature must be small enough to be hidden by the beret/patrol cap/etc outside. Otherwise, you can't wear it -- so hijab is out. Actually, I think the only thing that fits that description is the Jewish cap/whatever it's called.

    That reminds me of the Sikhs who enlisted in the Army because they were told by the recruiter that they would be allowed to keep their beards and turbans. Of course, that's a flat-out lie, and horrible of that recruiter to deceive those two men.

    Hmmm....good point, Amber. Religion can be so divisive, and that's a shame.

    My fame? : D Fun! I'm glad to see other people are at least remotely interesting in what I have to say. : P

    Yeah...It's 103 right now. *whew* Needless to say, I'm inside in the A/C right now...