Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is this weird?

This post has been spurred by a friend of a friend who posted a photo of her pregnant belly on Facebook. I can't hold it back anymore.

Lately I've noticed so many people are having babies. For example: I saw two pregnant women in less than five minutes while I was having lunch at the PX today. I see pregnant women everywhere I go. On post, off post...even online -- a couple of folks I know have been posting ultrasound photos of their babies and/or pictures of their stomaches on Facebook.

A couple of my friends who married a few months ago were going to have a baby, but she lost it recently. I feel sad for them, of course, but it also feels like a forced effort to be happy for anyone having kids. It's not that I don't want my friends to be happy; of course I do. It's not jealousy, either. I don't like kids very much, and have never wanted them.

My kneejerk reaction to said belly-post was "Ugh. Not another one." Is it strange for me to be somewhat revolted by the plethora of offspring in the making?


  1. Not really lol I feel the same way sometimes. Same with weddings but that might be a bit of jealousy on my part lol

  2. I can't say if it's 'weird' or not, but not everyone wants or adores or dotes over babies and everything about them. I am not one of those people. Sorry. I see a baby or a pregnant woman and I *want one*! Same with weddings. *shrug* Everyone's got different desires and ideas about what they want out of life.

  3. Praise the Lord.

    I am not necessarily revolted by the baby-making that is going on, but I don't particularly like kids either. I much prefer cats :) That having been said, I think it is somewhat lacking in taste to be photographing one's naked belly for any reason whatsoever :P So I think I see where you are coming from.