Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello to my new friends who've just joined on. Sorry you've caught me during a rough period in my life. : ( I promise that I'm not normally this moody; it's situational only.

Question for all: How do you see yourself, personality-wise?

I think I'm a generally cheerful and friendly person, and I am honest (perhaps a bit too much for my own good sometimes ^_^). I expect the best of everyone, but I do find it hard to forgive people who hurt me (so God helps me out with that). I like to think that I am open-minded and accepting of everyone. I like to talk to and help people. Oddly enough (given my previous profession), I really don't like conflict or competition. It upsets the tranquillity of my life.

And I'm a foodie. I love food, and as long as it isn't fish or shellfish (both of which I have a mild - but nonetheless unpleasant - allergy to), I'll try it.

Also, found this interesting book while shelving some books at my friend's store: Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton. It's about religious addiction. Never heard of that before, but I suppose extreme cults, or maybe people coming off other addictions (drugs, alcohol, etc) or prison could fall prey to it. Using faith as their new "fix", or as the new thing they have to do all the time to keep from reverting to their old lifestyle.


  1. Don't worry, it happens to everyone. I am prone to bouts of negativity and fear, myself.

    That book sounds interesting - religious addiction! I think I have that. Sometimes it's like a major obsession. Not practising, but just thinking about religion. :) I can obsess about a lot of things...

  2. I've not been reading here too long, but I've always thought you were pretty chipper. I doubt any of us would be joyful when we were discussed in a bad way so don't worry about that. I've not found you moody - just lookin' for a job! :)

    Personality-wise -- I have a melancholic, reflective streak, but generally I find I can still be hopeful and joyful in the Lord if not in most anything else. I sometimes struggle with wallowing in self-pity when I KNOW I should "in everything give thanks" and "rejoice in the Lord always." So, I think that means I have a stubborn streak. *ahem* I try to be friendly and I find foreigners or people from other parts of the nation especially exciting. Like you, I like to think I'm openminded and accepting of everyone though, at times, I find this is challenged. But generally I think God has really helped me in this regard. A few years ago I prayed that He'd help me love people and see them through His eyes and -- politicians & chauvinists/polygamists aside (lol) -- He has really done this for me. Not that I've "totally arrive" -- I still get very aggravated with people some days, but overall I find more compassion and understanding for people and even love that wasn't there as much before.

    I like food, too, but tend to mostly stick with favorites unless it smells especially good. And I don't usually try things unless I know there are no nuts lurking within. I have an allergy to some of them. When I was in Syria earlier this year, I had an allergic reaction to pistachios so I refrained from eating any more sweets the whole time I was there. Except for the Little Debbie oatmeal cookies, jelly beans and chocolate candies that *I* brought from home! :-)

    I enjoyed learning more about you! And that book really does sound interesting. I can totally see people becoming addicted that way. Making it much more about following rules to "get it right" than focusing on relationship with God.

  3. *blush* Sorry for the super-long comment.

  4. Hmmm...

    I think I'm weird, lol!

    But for reals, I think I'm cheerful and open-minded...but I'm shy/quiet in person. I'll talk to anyone willing to initiate conversation but I have trouble doing the initiating myself. I'll also answer any question I'm asked as honestly as I can (if a piece of information is not mine to share, then I am less forthcoming). When I get flustered/upset, my speaking skills will DIE. It's always better to just hand me a pen and pad of paper when that happens.

    I'm passive-aggressive. I can't stand contention/hate/anger as it makes me feel ill. This has taught me that I can be quite stubborn as shouting, getting angry at me, and/or trying to forcefully convince me your way is better will not sway me in the least. I will continue to do as I see fit. In spite of that, I'm pretty easy going. I'm open to just about anything and will give pretty much anything at least a try; just don't try and force me 'cause you'll get nowhere. :)

    My sense of humor leans more towards dry/sarcastic - think M*A*S*H (the tv show) and Tim Burton. ^_^, I said more than I thought I would. Ah well! ^_^ I like learning about people and their behavioral patterns and motivations, so I enjoy discussing various personalities. The differences are so interesting! ^_^

  5. HIIII :)

    well, I think in the public eye i'm a pretty shy person and I dont really speak much - to save myself from embarassment lol when people are talking about mainly islamic stuff i just like to sit back and listen to what they have to say. But i'm a whooole other person once someone gets to know me. hehe.

  6. Hmmm...I think of myself as pleasant, but a realist. I expect the worst, plan for it, and then can be pleasnatly surprised when it turns out better than I thought it would. :)

    I'm fairly quiet in situations where I'm not familiar or comfortable, but I can talk a blue streak, I tend to go off on tangents and forget my original point, and I will hold my ground in a verbal argument until the other party throws up their hands and quits in frustration. Even when I'm wrong. :) I'll go back later and generously grant that upon reflection they may have a point, but I will *not* lose an argument. So...stubborn. :)

    I love food, which is clear. I'll try anything at least once and I have a chef-crush on Bobby Flay, which sort of goes without saying.

  7. Amber said:

    "I expect the worst, plan for it, and then can be pleasantly surprised when it turns out better than I thought it would."

    Oh wow! That's almost *exactly* how I've described myself before - especially the last part!

  8. Susanne,

    I like how you fixed my spelling mistake when you quoted me! :-)

  9. I am every possible extreme all at once - especially those that are supposed to be mutually exclusive. Under the circumstances, I suppose you could say I live a miraculously peaceful life. So much for my being longwinded :)