Sunday, September 20, 2009

Info on author

Here's what I got, folks:

Mark Gabriel is not his original name - he changed it after leaving Egypt. He has a bachelors, masters and PhD in Islamic History and Culture from Al-Azhar. After leaving Egypt, he did some work with a Christian organization in Capetown, Africa. He got a Masters in World Religion from the Florida Christian University in Orlando in 2001, and a PhD in Christian Education, also from FCU, in 2002. He was inducted as a fellow, Oxford Society of Scholars, in September 2003.

Sounds pretty well-qualified to me. : )


  1. He sounds like an interesting man. I wonder if he does lectures somewhere. I've heard of him before so it's good to hear that someone read one of his books. Thanks for the additional information.

  2. I came across a YouTube interview with him. The site where I found it does have very negative views of Islam, but here are the videos:

  3. But, you know, anyone will use whatever they can to further their mission. A website with "no likey Islam" as their thing will certainly add an interview with a "former Muslim of stature" to solidify their argument. : ) I'll check it out. Thanks!