Monday, September 28, 2009


I love this website! They have so many beautiful things, including SUITS! But they're all so expensive. *weep* I guess I'll have to keep searching for long coats and loose pants separately.

This one links to an abaya that I *love*. The best part is, you can buy pants or a skirt to go with it, and for an additional fee, they'll tailor the abaya to be the top!

This site has a TON of great books. I want them all! They even have a big selection of comparative religion books. : )

This has a huge list of websites that sell abayas and jilbabs, among other goodies.

So, have any of you ladies bought anything from any of these sites?


  1. The second site sounds awesome. I like the option of something other than a 1 piece standard abaya. I'll check it out and let you know if I order anything.

  2. has beautiful items, but it seems they are not equipped to deal with someone my height. AlHediya seems to be better in that regard. And especially that option of having pants to go with it - I never leave the house without something on my legs (usually men's Levis).