Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iftar last night

I went to (I'll call her "Z") "Z"'s house last night for iftar. What a spread! She must have been cooking all afternoon, and it was incredible. The soup she made was especially good. She also had lamb and rice, green beans and tomatoes, salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and olive oil, flat bread, fruit, and dates. Top that off with juice and lots of water, and then Turkish tea at the end of the meal... It was well after noon before I was able to eat today. Too bad her husband missed it, but he went down the street to the masjid for iftar, I guess because we were coming

Two other girls (both converts) came over, too, and "L" ate so much she was moaning and groaning about how full she was afterwards.

Oh, and it was funny --- she and I wore the same abaya! I thought it was hilarious, but she seemed a little upset. I appeased her when I told her I wasn't going to the masjid after iftar. Evidently she is one of those people who gets upset if someone else has the same outfit, but it's okay. Me, I feel like I have to complement others on their good taste when they have a same article of clothing as me. : )


  1. That's funny (the matching abayas), but I imagine that happens a lot more in the Islamic world than in other places. After all, what about in Saudi where everyone wear's the black abaya? Think of all the miffed women there. :p

  2. Yum, sounds like a great meal and fun time (minus the clothing lookalike thing...hehehe.)