Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Comics and vampires and superheroines, oh, my!

Okay, I know this is a little late for Halloween, but I thought it would be a cool, fun post anyway.

Did you know that Dracula made a couple of appearances in X-Men? Check these out:

Uncanny X-Men #159 -- Dracula attacks Storm, tries to make her his vampire queen.

X-Men Annual #6 -- the saga continues. Kitty Pryde as would-be vamp slayer. Also features "Rachael", the last of a line of vampire hunters (I think it was Van Helsing, but can't remember). She hunts down Dracula and tries to kill him, but ends up vampire chow, then a vamp herself, instead.

The cover below is a much later reprint of the annual:

After reading these two issues, I'd always wondered what would have happened if Dracula had succeeded in making Storm his bride. In the now-ended series "Mutant X" (a sort of alternate timeline), Storm is renamed Bloodstorm and retains both her elemental powers and vampiric powers. She also has the awesome "punk" look that she had back in the '80s.

How cool does she look? After a year of the series running, Marvel had gotten so many requests for Bloodstorm's story that the thirteenth issue was "The Origin of Bloodstorm".

Coming up next I'll be listing my favorite versions of Storm's constumes.


  1. Storm is one of my favs. She is awesome!

  2. I know! The fact that she is *so* beautiful works for initial readership, but it's her character (her intelligence, strength, and gentleness) that really makes you love her.