Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Epic cool Army commercial.

Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlzdZqSVbJ4

It's an epic cool Army commercial from three years ago, when they debuted the "Army Strong" slogan (which replaced the "Army of One"). Almost enough to make you want to sign up, huh? I like watching it because it reminds me of all the good things that happened during my time in. I actually miss it, but I can't and won't go back. I'd end up crippled if I spent another four years there.

Anyway.... I already feel like I need a vacation from my job! So much information....brain hurts....can't...contain....it all.... LOL!

Amber, that Star Trek bloopers thing was hilarious. I love the new Star Trek film! I can't wait till the DVD comes out next month. : D


  1. Sweetie, I think there are other good reasons to leave the army besides that you want to wear hijab. I'm sorry to say this, but I travel in the kind of circles where it is not unknown for people to wear T-shirts saying such things as 'Be all that you can be. See the world, meet interesting people and kill them.' And no one really laughs, because they take 'Thou shalt not kill' very literally. Indeed, they very explicitly replace it with 'Love your enemies.' Some of them so much so that they refuse to pay taxes because they could be used for the killing of other human beings. These are the kind of people whose idea of taking action to stop war is going unarmed and acting as a human shield. And if they get killed, so be it. God permits the military to exist, no doubt in order to keep order among the godless - but it is no place for a Christian to be. I really think you did the right thing by leaving the Army.

  2. There're many good reasons to leave the military, but there're also many good reasons to be in the military. I hold them all in the utmost respect, even when I don't agree with the orders given to them by their leaders.

    Though I have to admit to being a Navy girl myself, both of my Grandfathers served in the US Navy in WWII. :)

    Curiously, caraboska, do your friends who don't pay taxes so they won't accidentally support the military skip the parts about obeying the government and rendering unto Caesar?

    There's always been an 'exception' to the 'thou shalt not kill' commandment to allow for defense of self and property. It's really more, 'thou shalt not murder'.

    Star Trek (reboot and otherwise) is full of win. I've got my dvd's preordered and cannot wait. Spock's all over the place!

  3. What I'm saying is that these people do not acknowledge such an exception. Indeed, probably most of them take literally the verses about turning the other cheek. And they would be very willing to pay taxes if they could be sure that they would thereby be violating God's commandments. For we are not obligated to obey governmental authority if it demands disobedience to God. And these people regard funding the killing of others as disobdience to God. Indeed, from what I understand, in the old days, these folks would kick anyone out of the congregation if it were found that they were supporting war with their tax money. And until probably World War II, they would kick anyone out of the congregation who served in the military. Even if there was a draft. You were required to go to jail rather than serve. When Hitler showed up and it became known what he was doing, a small minority of them decided serving in the military themselves was a lesser evil, and no one kicked them out. But most of them to this day won't serve, except maybe in positions that would not require them to take human life, and some won't even register for the draft because they do not acknowledge the right of the military to exist.

    So you know, I pay my taxes. I suppose I figure that all my money will go for whatever worthy causes the government is using money for, and whoever is supporting war, let even all of their money go for that. It's on them. I've never had the registration problem myself for obvious reasons, but yeah - I started college in the engineering school and I kept getting recruiting letters from the military. It took me probably two or three tries to get rid of them. I finally learned the right buzz words to use, I guess, and told them, 'Please stop sending me recruiting materials. I cannot participate in your organization, either now in the future, on grounds of religious conscience.' As far as non-violence goes, when I was a kid I was in some pretty trying situations which I prefer not to describe in detail. Back then I did feel I had a right to defend myself, and there was one time when I began to feel it might be necessary to use even lethal force to ensure my own safety. Fortunately a third party intervened and it did not become necessary. In principle nowadays I do feel I have the right to use non-violent resistance - physically prevent the person from doing harm, but only insofar as I can do it without actually harming them. But for the sake of whoever would attack me, I pray they don't because I am worried the old mindset and reflexes I developed as a child (quite purposely, I admit) might kick in. And at 6'1"/175# I can do quite a bit of damage, especially if I'm on an adrenaline high.

    It is a frightful responsibility to be quite that large, one I am very mindful of on an ongoing basis. I've been the one who walked the other girls to the bus stop in a large American city late at night after Bible study. I've been the one who played bouncer (in French, no less) when the guy down the hall who was in the habit of beating his wife finally got locked out of his apartment (yay!) and was rather too forcibly trying to get his tiny next door neighbor, who shared a balcony with them, to let him go out on said balcony through her apartment so he could break back into his apartment.

  4. On the other hand, I remember being in an Internet café once upon a time which was located in a bar, and being paid unwanted attention. I signaled to the attendant that the delinquent needed to be thrown out. But in the end, I was the one who had to do the escorting. I admit to having done it in a somewhat… projectile manner. He looked back at me in shock and said, ‘Easy, missy!’ To which my incensed reply was, ‘I am no missy – I am old enough to be your mother!’ Next time someone paid me unwanted attention there, all I had to do was turn around and say to the guy, ‘Excuse me, sir, but I don’t think we know each other,’ and the attendant walked over and said in that for-your-own-good tone of voice, ‘I think you’d better leave.’ And he did – and neither the attendant nor I even had to lift a finger either :D:D:D

    So yeah. That stuff happened when I was younger, and I was playing with fire there. Mindful of what could have happened back then, I probably would be calmer nowadays…

  5. *giggle* I'm picturing you kicking ass and taking names over here. Nice. :)

    Since I don't believe that the Commandments prohibit all killing, (how could God command the Israelites to conquer and wipe out other nations if they weren't allowed to kill? or make death a punishment for *lots* of sins? He's just forcing them to break His own rules with more of His rules...) I guess we really have to leave it at that. I think they're wrong, they think I'm wrong. :)

    As for their taxes, that's between them, God and the government, assuming the government ever catches them.

    Ooohhh...is there an exemption for religious reasons to not pay taxes? Not like church exemptions, but personal ones? Now I'm curious....

  6. Social Security tax? Yes. There are people who don't believe in insurance for religious reasons, and they can apply to be exempted. But the only way to get exempted from income tax per se is the hard way: to not have taxable income. And there are people among those I mentioned before who go that route. And there are others who engage in civil disobedience, write letters indicating willingness to pay taxes if they could be sure it wouldn't go for the killing of human beings, lobby for laws to be passed which would enable people with such convictions to be able to pay taxes and be sure they would not go for killing people, etc.

    And now here's something for you to really giggle about: I was once at a medieval feast. Floor length gown, sleeves a yard wide. And before the food was served, people were outside on the grass talking and having a good time. At a certain point, massages were being given, and someone volunteered to do my neck. I should note he weighed 20 pounds more than I. So anyway, I was lying on my back on the grass, he sat down on my belly, but unfortunately instead of rubbing my neck, he pinned my arms to my body and began to tickle me. I was FURIOUS. The guy ended up flying through the air and landing on his *** at least 6 feet away. And I got up and found that my dress was completely intact - not even one little grass stain! I will let you guess how I did it :D:D:D

  7. PS This was about 26 years ago. But I bet I could still do it again if I had to :D:D:D

  8. *wide eyed awe* You're Xena...


  9. Who the heck is Xena??? Closer to the truth is what my nick means in Polish: 'punishment of God', 'Cara, property of God' or 'Cara the Divine'. You take your pick :D :D :D

    PS Found out who Xena is. Warrior princess indeed.

    PPS But it was pretty easy actually. You get two more chances to guess :D :D

    PPPS I'll even give you a hint. It involved a certain twisting motion.

  10. Amber:

    I know what you mean. I didn't always agree with the things old men (our "leaders") decided that young men and women should do. However, I found a quote that I thought most excellent, and it goes (in part) something about volunteering for military service, and the one line that stuck with me was "a blank check made payable to "The Government of the United States of America" in the amount up to and including my life in the defense of my nation". Totally gave me chills when I read it. : P

  11. So, who all out there is comfortable writing a totally blank check of that kind payable to anyone except God?