Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My top three favorite manga/anime

Okay, Amber, you spurred me to this. *grin* I now give you three of my favorite manga/anime.

Number One:

Revolutionary Girl Utena. This manga/anime is awesome, beautifully drawn with a complex and surprisingly spiritual storyline that seems to do more backflips and somersaults than an acrobat. Not to mention, it's just plain cool. The film is beautiful, as well, but since it's a wacky synopsis of the television series, you won't get it if you haven't seen the show (and maybe not even then, LOL).

In this photo, Utena is taking the Sword of Dios from the chest of the Rose Bride, Anthy. Hovering over them is Dios himself. Utena fights duels with the academy student council members (the playboy council president Touga, the abusive vice president Saionji - whom she first fought upon arriving at the school -, the disillusioned "prince" Juri, and the sweet, naive Miki) for possession of the Rose Bride, who does whatever the victor desires. Through her, the final champion will obtain the power of Dios, and access to eternity and the castle in the sky. Wild, huh?

Number Two:

Vampire Princess Miyu: the story of a centuries-old vampire who is the guardian of the Earth realm, which she protects from the Shinma (demons). Her job is to find them and send them back to the darkness. Larva (tall handsome guy with the mask) is a Western shinma who became Miyu's servant when she drank his blood. He helps her capture free-roaming Shinma. Shinma usually prey on the weaknesses of humans, and people die as a result. Miyu lives on the blood of the human victims --- her bite sends their souls to her own shadow realm, where they take up residence in one of the many orbs that float in and around the trees. The souls stay forever in a place that made them happy in life. For one character, it's caring for her flowers in a greenhouse. For another, it's his apartment and his beloved pet cat. Creepy and epic cool.

Number Three:

Sailor Moon. This is the first anime I ever saw. It's a fun "super girl team" story. Basically, Sailor Moon and the scouts, plus other characters, are reincarnated versions of themselves. They fight the evil Negaverse and its minions, seeking to restore the Moon kingdom and prevent the destruction of Crystal Tokyo (the future/past Tokyo), wearing really cool sailor costumes that change as time goes on and accumulating new powers. Yeah, it gets confusing, but it sure is pretty. : ) Interesting note: Kunihiko Ikuhara directed the Sailor Moon anime, and he also directed the "Utena" movie and series.


  1. I LOVE THEM ALL! Seriously, Sailor Moon the manga is one of the best I have ever read. Did NOT know there were so many anime fans hanging out around here.

    Utena is amazing and the second season fried my brain its so complicated. I wish I could find somewhere to pick up season 3. And the bizarre.

    my first was Gundam wing. I love them Gundam boys.

    Try Neon Genesis Evangelion and X. Soooo Good. For fun, Kodomo No Omocha :)

  2. Vampire Princess Miyu was one of my very first manga!!!!

    My first was Magic Knights Rayearth and right now I'm reading D.Gray-man (and patiently waiting for more episodes).

    Dah, I could go on, but I can't right now! >_< lol! ^_^

  3. A) Why am I not surprised that they're all 'girly' manga? :)

    B) Should I be worried that I've read/watched all of the manga/anime that's been mentioned?

    C) If you're looking for a mangaka (do they count as one?) that's consistently awesome, CLAMP, for the win. I cannot recall *any*thing of theirs that didn't suck me right in.

    *sigh* Now I'll have to do one of these posts, but first, I'll have to narrow it down to three. That's tougher than you might think, people. I (apparently, how'd this happen...) own over 500 manga. Wow. Is that obsessive?

  4. O_O I thought I had a lot of manga. Bravo.

  5. LK,

    That's the scaled back number. Two years ago the Great Purge occured in my library. I own over 1,500 books, not counting comics and manga, and forget about the DVD collection.

  6. Wow, Amber. You have lots of goodies! I wonder how many books I have? I think counting them will be my project for the night (but not the 6 boxes of comic books -- that's too much work!).

  7. I keep track of the books/manga with Librarything. It's *excellent*. DVD's...I just keep an up to date list, and the comics...*sigh* I used to be organised. I had spread sheets and everything. *giggle* I'll have to take pictures when I get home and post them.

  8. I was looking for something animated to watch just the other day! I looooved Sailor Moon as a kid! So much more interesting than the other shows. Lots of story to follow. I might have to check out some of these... But would my husband like them? I'm trying to find something we'd both like. lol.

  9. Candice: If your hubby likes kinda spooky, then he'd like Miyu. (It's creepy enough that I don't watch it at night, lol)

    If you loved Sailor Moon, I'm willing to bet you'd love Utena.