Friday, October 9, 2009

Favorite comic books, part 1.

I've already posted my favorite manga/anime, now I have to share my favorite comic books of all time. The next post will be my favorite comic book series.

Number 1: Batman #503

I love this book (actually bought 3 copies) because the writing is SO GOOD, especially the first few pages, when pseudo-Batman Jean Paul becomes obsessed with Catwoman and wonders why the real Batman never arrested her.

Number 2: X-Men Unlimited #1

I love this book. The artwork is gorgeous, the storyline is solid. This is one of the first X-Men comics I remember reading (waaaay back in third grade, if you can believe it).

Number 3: Uncanny X-Men #289

This is one of the first comics I ever remember buying. Storm has always been my favorite "X" character, and "Knots" was a hard story to read. I was actually pretty devastated that Forge ended up taking back his proposal in the next issue and left the mansion with Mystique, all because he thought Storm would refuse him. I've been wishing for years that Marvel would do a "What if Forge and Storm had married?" issue. Of course, I was epic peeved when they made Storm marry the Black Panther. Grrrr... That's not the way that was supposed to end! //end rant// Now, that leads to my next comic...

Number 4: Uncanny X-men #186

Lifedeath! The second issue featuring Forge, and it details the start of his on-again, off-again relationship with Storm as he cares for her after she lost her powers. They don't make 'em like this anymore, folks. Just check out the quality of the artwork on the opening page:


Number 5: Catwoman #1 (Jim Balent series)

Okay, so her costume is very tight and her endowments are... ahem, well-endowed. This is Catwoman as we all love her: strong, sneaky, and sassy.

Number 6: Catwoman Annual #4 (Pulp Heroes)

I don't know who drew this book. Definitely not Jim Balent. However, it has Egypt and mummies and the cat goddess Bast. I love the awesome mythology in this story. A plus: when Selina changes on the plane before landing, she changes into an abaya, hijab, and Saudi-style niqab! Cool. : )

Number 7: Amazon #1 (Almagam)

This was part of the Almagam line that was done by DC and Marvel after the big DC/Marvel crossover in the mid-90's. Amazon is a combination of Storm and Wonder Woman, and I think it turned out awesomely. The only downside is that the stories were one-shots, but they were ended with cliffhangers. No me likey. Still, the art was very pretty. : )

Number 8: Magik #1-4 (miniseries)

Very cool miniseries from the early 1980's starring Ilyana Rasputin, sister of X-Man Colossus. The artwork isn't great, but it's good, and the storyline - which I didn't like intially - really is awesome: Ilyana's struggle to choose between good (as represented by Storm) and evil (as represented by the demon lord Belasco). This was reprinted in oversize graphic novel format last year.


  1. I totally agree with the Batman/Catwoman comics. Then again, I'm a Bat-fan. :)

    I was never as much into X-Men, though. Still, the Black Panther/Storm thing did come out of nowhere, didn't it. And Storm was always my favorite aside from Wolverine. Her powers were just so cool, and she used to be a goddess and she was so...zen, I guess, so much of the time.

    Great picks. I look forward to the post on your fave series.

    (And yes, I'm totally going to be a lemming and do posts like this later.)

  2. Na na na na na na na na BATMAAAAAN!

    LOL :P

    Did you ever watch the original tv show? It's AWESOME. Holy rusted wing-nuts Batman! XD